Thursday, October 11, 2012

Doogie Howser at 9 AM

Once upon a time I made mention of my MD's eminent retirement.    I'm taking it badly.  Last spring I wrote

"I want to find an MD finishing his/her residency this spring, and become their first patient. The likelihood of them knowing anything useful now is slim, but I don't ask for much now. Down the road, when they are smarter, and I'm sicker, they'll be so grateful for my being their first patient and sticking with them, they'll work extra hard to keep me alive."

At a family gathering I mentioned to the brain trust, my need for a new doctor, Mrs. T's cousin, one of the premier medical authorities in the nation, told me to see Doogie Howser MD.  How could I not?  

I saw Doogie this week. He looks so young. How can anyone so young know anything useful, I wondered. Then I remembered that I put myself into this mess, and I wasn't asking for much, up front.  My payback comes later.  He was late, he was harried, I was getting the bums rush until I mentioned who recommended him.  From then on, it was peaches and cream.

We had a nice chat, he asked pertinent questions and silently accepted my unwillingness to become a cog in the medical machine.  Doogie's probably workable, we'll know when the test results come back.



Kathy said...

I hope all's well.

Anonymous said...

Gulp. This is a routine physical, right?

Gail, in northern California said...

Damn. You got me so rattled, I didn't leave my name...

Toad said...

Any Dr. will tell you to do 3 things.
1. lose weight
2. exercise more
3. stop smoking

Most will also say "take a pill".

I'm fit as a fiddle and hope to stay that way. Thank you

Anonymous said...


Gail, in northern California said...

I hope you stay fit as a fiddle. You have a lot of people counting on that.

Suburban Princess said...

I did the same thing in my 20s when I lived in the city - never regretted being the first patient.

Now I am starting fresh with a new office - fortunately I only ever have to deal with the nurse practitioner!

Good luck with Doogie!

Stevensblra said...

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