Friday, December 16, 2011

Dog Time

Can your dogs tell time? Two of ours can. Charlie sleeps in our bed. At nine AM and not a minute sooner, she's awake, licking my face and ready for me to begin my day. Whatever mood I go to bed in, I begin my day laughing.

Pooh knows her bed time. Each night around 1, regardless of what else is going on, she heads to bed. She's also the first one awake but is quiet until Charlie's up.

My daughter sent the photo above. Every weekday evening, 10 minutes before her husband is expected home from work, her 2 guys move to their spot at the top of the landing and wait for dad. It's uncanny. Dad was late the day the photo was taken and the guys were becoming restless.



Anonymous said...

Toad, this is so funny. My wife and I kid each other that our dog, Gracie, is more organized and on-time than we are. I no longer use an alarm clock to wake up becasue at 7am sharp, Gracie wakes me to let her out and feed her. At 7pm sharp, Gracie makes it clear that it's time to feed her dinner. I'm sure others will share similar stories as well.

helen tilston said...

Hello Toad

That is so funny and timely. Our dog, Spice Girl wakes me each morning like clockwork at 6 am. She gets it a little confused when daylight saving takes effect. She also knows when it is Saturday but I don't believe she knows months or years.
Ha ha

Great post
Helen xx

Kathleen said...

Oh, yes, my dogs tell time. At 7:15am Finn tells me it's time to feed the gang. He tell's me it's time again at 3:15pm. Inga is in charge of walks, and tells me at 8:30am, it's time to head to the park with her on the first walk. Elsa starts the day at 5:45am, when she crawls onto my side of the bed. We don't bother with an alarm clock anymore.

katiedid said...

YES! My dogs come find me at exactly 5PM and gently guide me to the food bin, cuz it is dinner time. They need a little time to switch over during daylight saving though. Around 8:00 the younger one ends up in my lap. That means it is time for a snack.

Gail, in northern California said...

Love, love, love that photograph. So typical.

Had a lovely black lab who would come to my side at 4 p.m. sharp. I'd be sitting at the computer and if I didn't respond in due time, I'd feel a gentle nudge of my elbow. And if I still didn't get off the dime, I'd hear the softest little whine you can imagine. Both were my cues that it was time for her afternoon walk, then dinner. I miss her to this day.