Monday, July 8, 2013

Let us give thanks

This may be one of those factoids that would cause Mrs T to say, they don't know that....  She can be a cynical woman.  However, learned researchers credit  Two Rivers, Wisconsin pharmacist, Edward Berner, with being the first to install chocolate syrup on the top of ice cream, on this date in 1881.  Prior to Berner's intervention, chocolate syrup had only been used as an ingredient in ice cream sodas.  Live and learn.

Granddaughter Liz has moved in for the week, so we have vowed to enjoy chocolate syrup enriched ice cream concoctions every day until we, Guinness book of records like, agree and affirm which purveyor makes the best of example in each of our self defined categories.  The sacrifices we make for science.




Anonymous said...

You are reminding me of my Dad who "enjoy[ed] chocolate syrup enriched ice cream" every single night of his life. And never gained a pound. Same weight his whole life, from college to the grave. Ought to be illegal.

Hope you and Liz and Mrs. T have yourselves a big time this week. Looking forward to your taste test categories and results.


Patsy said...

I'm sort of with Mrs. T on this could they know?

Regardless - enjoy!