Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Be careful what you wish for Part 2 of..

Mayberry is changing. Like most American suburbs, not long ago Mayberry was "in the country", it was farmland. The post war housing boom offered local farmers a chance to sell their land in hopes of creating a better life for their families. Most did, keeping 10+ acres around the farmhouse for themselves, something for dad to do, while the kids grew up, went to college and lost whatever connection to the land they ever had. Dad's plan worked.

Today, those kids, now approaching retirement age, find the knock on the door from developers hoping to repurpose their 10 acre parcels is becoming stronger. On our street 2 15 acre parcels are finally being developed as the old farmer's kids pack their bags and head to greener pastures. Locals grumble about the change in the neighborhood, but purely from jealousy.

I've been grumbling too. For the past year I have been SILENTLY grumbling about my ever growing, self created honey do list. My list is seasonal, self perpetuating, and never ending. Like yours mine a mixture of large and small, with a secret compartment for big things that can only be delayed so long before becoming life changing. The truly frightening never make the list.

Then we got the knock on the door.



Amy G. said...

Do you think they'll call the subdivision Toad Hall? They did this with a local farm that went the same way-- it's still a bit jarring to drive past our old strawberry fields and pumpkin patch and see "G--- Farms" out in front of rows of townhouses. I look forward to reading about what's next!

Anonymous said...

HOE-LEE-SMOKE. Or, can Part 3 come fast enough.


Anonymous said...

Will Mr. and Mrs. Toad be hopping to a new lily pad?
Stay tuned.

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