Sunday, August 24, 2008

A chance outing

Friday was haircut day. I noticed last time I was there that next door was a tailor, so after my cut I walked next door to have my new tweed sport coat altered.

The tailor and I did the usual new customer dance, and since we each had a little time to kill began to shoot the breeze. He told me about growing up in his village in Pakistan, life in the US, his family etc.

As I was leaving he stopped me and said " You look like a bright fellow, tell me, What are the three GREATEST problems facing the world. Think about it a minute, while I write mine down, and then we'll compare."

So I told hime mine, he told me his, we agreed on two of them, and each agreed the others was worthy, but not as good as our own.

Our answers aren't important, but I urge you to try this with the person in the next cube, or with your spouse. I think the answers will surprize you.

I look forward to your comments.


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Free Kansas said...

In my opinion the three greatest problems facing the world today are as follows:

1. Global Poverty
Poverty = Hunger & Poor Health Care

2. Arrogance
Think about it.

3. Trash
Especialy that of a plastic nature.