Monday, April 21, 2014

Seersucker at Stein Mart

To my mind, a late Easter calls for men to wear seersucker, and for the first time in a decade, I awoke Sunday morning without benefit of a traditional blue/white seersucker suit. Bubba, the iconic white, horizontally striped number slept soundly in the closet awaiting its season. I am simply without.

My plan was to visit Perlis while in NOLA, but rains, volume unseen since Noah, kept me closer to downtown. Instead, I visited Rubensteins. If you haven't been there I suggest a walk through. Rubensteins provides a level of service unheard of in your community. I am convinced, a gentlemen of means, could soundly rely upon Rubensteins staff to regularly refresh his wardrobe, sight unseen. Once they get the cut of your jib, there will be no need to call ahead with your wants, somehow they'll know what and when and have it ready to ship.

I'm between sizes, and likely to be for a while, that's why I'm hesitant to replace my missing suit. I did look though, and have this suggestion for you guys unfamiliar with seersucker, or uncertain if you can pull it off. Seersucker looks good on anyone confident to wear it.

Stealing from one of ADG's post last fall, I went to Stein Mart to see Flusser's summer offerings. I am reluctant to pay a lot for a suit that won't get much wear. That puts my favorite seersucker, BB's, out of reach, for now. Stein Mart is offering good looking Flusser seersucker seperates, $60 for the jacket, $30 for pants. Tell 'em ADG sent ya.

Spring has sprung, rejoice.



Jg. for FatScribe said...

Sartorial splendor by Toad. Spring has sprung indeed.

Bespoke lawyer said...

Can we please cease and desist from the inane comments re seersucker and white shoes. A gentleman is always dressed appropriately and never wears a cheap suit or shoes out of season. To paraphrase J.P. Morgan, if you have to ask.... Thank you.

Old Polo said...

snazzy lookin!

northsidefour said...

There used to be a man, an older man, who worked at BB on Michigan Avenue. He wore nothing but seersucker suits from Memorial Day to Labor. From time to time I would see him around the neighborhood or walking down Michigan Avenue on his way to work and I always knew instantly who he was and how I knew him. I love seersucker.

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