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Monday, July 9, 2012


Film is
It Must be Thursday by Lou Watson

I received a bit of fan mail last week from my new BFF, Finnian. We've never met and I've only seen him on celluloid, but I've come to adore him. His mother was showing off Finn's sister's graduation photos and there he was, 11 years old, decked out in bow tie and braces, the best dressed gent in town.

A young man with such an innate sense of personal style needs encouragement so gave him my favorite madras bow from Ellie Stager, The Cordial Churchman.

Within days I received this thank you letter and drawing.

I've pasted his letter into my Moleskine notebook and will cherish it forever. Thanks to Ellie as well. She's made us both very happy.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Balmoral hat by Mackie of Scotland

Thanks to you, now I know what Santa is bringing me. I can't wait, how many days 'till then?

I just have time to get a haircut and shave, maybe lose a chin and empty a flask or two.

The new bonnet goes well with Ellie Stager's patch tweed scarf too.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thrifting Trads?

Gents, the world best bow tie maker, Ellie Stager, had a link to this shop on a recent post. For those who may have missed her post, I think you may find this shop interesting.

Vintage Whistles
Natch, I have no connection to this shop, but do wish them well.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh Happy Day

What a great day. First, the patch mad bow tie from Ellie LaVange Stager arrived. Gents, if you are bow tie inclined, get in touch with this woman immediately. This is the finest bow tie I have ever owned. I've paid much more for others, but I have never owned a better crafted tie. Thank you, thank you, thank you Ellie. My next order is in your email box.

Then the Polish tailor called and asked me to try on the linen jacket. First fittings are always somewhat disappointing, but eventually things worked out. Minor adjustments included lining the front, in order to have inside pockets, and half the back, just because. The sleeve buttonhole color was changed from a darker brown to baby blue. I was wearing a Ralph gingham with just the right shade of blue pony. Somehow it felt right although I worry it might be too much. Time will fix it. The edging of the shawl collar is being hand stitched, that is what's taking the bulk of the time. I should be able to pick it up Friday.

Finally, daughter Katy is spending the weekend with us. She was looking for a little heat, just to remember what Summer is like. We should be able to oblige.

Have a great weekend. If you are new around these parts, stop in and say hello. I'm glad you're here.